Terms and Conditions

What to expect when you avail of a Smart-Pro service

Smart-Pro Cleaners is a full cleaning service offering standard maid services, janitorial services, post-construction clean-up, move-in/ move-out clean-up, along with deep cleaning, annual and holiday clean-up services as well. Our team members pride themselves in consistently creating a clean environment for you and your family or staff to enjoy. Our cleaning personnel are bonded, licensed and insured.

Our philosophy centers on quality, as we aim to provide only the highest standard in cleaning services. To deliver on this commitment, we bring together the best people, most effective methods, highest-quality supplies, and latest equipment. Before we start the project

All of our cleaners are thoroughly trained to perform each cleaning task meticulously, as well as to put utmost importance in safety. Our goal is to clean each customer's property professionally and safely.

When we arrive

We know providing quality, reliable, worry-free cleaning services are important to our residential customers. At Smart-Pro Cleaners, we provide up-front training, especially on important in-home procedures, with thorough supervision from our managers. It's our way of getting the results you're looking for every visit!

After we're done

We’ll always be available and ready to answer any questions you have, even after the job is finished. We always look forward to hearing from you and we want to becomeyour trusted partner for home and office cleaning services! We also stand behind the quality of our work with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. After we clean, if you noticea mistake, or simply anything you believe does not meet the standards of the exceptional quality we promised, just let us know within 24 hours-- we'll come out andre-clean it for free. Our #1 job is getting and keeping you delighted!


Smart-Pro Cleaners agrees to provide all labor, supervision, material, and equipment necessary to assure performance of specified construction cleaning service for the customer. This shall include all services described in the written specifications of the quotation.


Our Cleaning Services are always described in the given work specifications with the package price.


Invoicing will be itemized according to the type of cleaning services described in the work specifications report. Invoices and receipts will be provided by Sa-Ra Services For post-construction clean-up, invoices will be detailed and submitted promptly to coincide with the completion of all, or part, of the construction cleaning services. Due to the payroll requirements and labor-intensive nature of construction cleaning, our payment policy is net 15 days.


Smart-Pro Cleaners will furnish all necessary construction cleaning supplies inclusive of, but not limited to: rags, towels, cleaning agents, and disinfectants.


Smart-Pro Cleaners will furnish all necessary cleaning equipment inclusive of, but not limited to: floor machines, buffers, auto scrubbers, shop vacs, mop buckets, wringers, applicators, and mops and brooms.

Smart-Pro Cleaners will properly maintain equipment, and comply with current OH&S regulations and proven procedures pertaining to work performed at the customer's location.


The cleaning services proposal shall be valid for a period of three (3) months provided there are no changes to the nature, details or scope of work required.


This agreement may be terminated or canceled at any time with a minimum of thirty (30) days written notice from either party.

Service Schedule

Our cleaning services will be performed as shown in the work specifications. Tasks described in the specifications will be scheduled for, and performed at, mutually agreed upon date(s) and time(s).

The cleaning crew will respect holidays observed by the customer. Smart-Pro Cleaners is prepared to adapt this work schedule to coincide with the needs and requests of the customer provided they are mutually agreed to, and do not alter the cost of operations.


Delivering high-quality cleaning services relies heavily on our ability to consistently provide properly trained management and cleaning personnel. At Smart-Pro Cleaners, both management and cleaning personnel all undergo continuous training to ensure the consistent high-quality of our cleaning services.


Smart-Pro Cleaners will furnish all forms of insurance required by law and shall maintain the same in force.

  • Comprehensive General Liability
  • Property Damage
  • Workers' Compensation
Employee Status

Personnel supplied by Smart-Pro Cleaners are deemed employees of Smart-Pro Cleaners and will not for any purpose be considered employees or agents of the customer.

Glass Waiver

Tempered Glass Scratch Liability Waiver

This waiver releases Smart-Pro Cleaners, the contractor, from any liability resulting from, or in connection to, the cleaning and/or scraping of any tempered or heat- strengthened glass during any phase of construction cleaning being performed.

In addition, all parties understand and agree that window scrapers and razor blades are acceptable tools used during construction window-cleaning projects, to remove, as much as possible, construction debris such as stickers, tape and paint, etc. from glass, without scratching the surface.

Also, all parties understand and agree that Smart-Pro Cleaners will use razor blades and/or scrapers to remove construction debris on glass during any or all phases of the window cleaning process.

If customers do not want Smart-Pro Cleaners to use razor blades and/or scrapers during any window cleaning, customers must thoroughly cover all glass surfaces throughout all phases of construction cleaning to avoid any construction dust/debris from getting on any glass surface which would require cleaning with a razor blade or scraper.

A separate form will be provided that releases Smart-Pro Cleaners from any liability resulting from the scraping and/or cleaning of any tempered or heat-strengthened glass, wherein it is required to be signed, to represent the agreement between both parties, before any work can be performed.

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